REVIEWS | What People Are Saying

“Tony Legando, a longtime friend of Dick Reese spoke to the Oklahoma City BURG about finding your own motivation.  After teaching 4th grade for 40 years and coaching the Huron, OH Tigers’ football team for 28 years – which earned him a spot in the Ohio High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame – Tony wanted to share his stories of how he learned to motivate his students.  He is now a speaker, author, and mentor.  Thanks for the inspiration, Coach!”
– Jennifer Cox, Lithko Contracting, LLC, Edmond, OK

“Coach Legando and his coaches built a program that was committed to raising successful young men, not just football players.”
– D. Antonelli, Former Student now Middle High School Principal 

“Tony Legando has instilled principles and values that have carried me throughout my life; each time I hear him speak, I am captivated by his passion.”
J. Orzech, Police Chief for City of Sandusky, Ohio

“Coach’s speeches are effective anytime a group of people, whether it be in business or school, need a lesson on leadership or to be brought together as a group.”
– A. Tittle, Former Player, and Attorney

“His speeches inspire us. Not just to tears, but to act!!!”
– Alicia Roshong, Attorney and Player Parent

“There is something about the way he inspires others to lead and do the right thing that business leaders and owners could benefit from hearing.”
– S. West, Former Player, VP Wealth Management 

“What has affected me is his ability to engage, inform and motivate.”
– Jim Fisher, Dir. of Player Personnel at the University or Oregon

BUZZ | Tony’s Words

“Make no little plans of your life’s work; it will have no magic to stir your father’s soul. Make big plans in hope and work.”
– D.Antonelli, from Eulogy from his Dad’s Memorial.

“The words of Coach mattered over the years because the themes were all about commitment, teamwork and accountability. These are values I have incorporated into my life every day since my football career ended.”
– B. Bergman, Former Player

“If you aren’t taking school seriously, ‘the joke is on us,’ and the competitive landscape of the real world today is no joke.” – Former Player, International Banker

“I have always believed the most important aspect of being a leader was accepting less than your share of the credit and more than your share of the blame. This is something I have incorporated into my daily life and it started with Coach Legando.”
– S. Bergman, Former Player, Business Professional

“’Push the envelope—this game will humble you.’ Legando’s words can get you fired up and ready to go attack the day or game. He also has the ability to make you stay humble.”
– B. Jakubcin, Former Player, Asst Football Coach Heidelberg University


“You see your glass half empty? Fill it. It’s your glass.”

“If you can’t be positive, at least be quiet.”

“Don’t wait for the fruit to fall, learn to climb the damn tree.”

“You a complainer? Let’s be honest, you’re insignificant.”

“You hang with a league of malcontents? Find a new league. Fast! Success without integrity is failure.” 

“Finding balance in work and family is hard. Old age alone is harder.” 

“Your life hard? Guess what? So is everybody else’s.”