Tony Legando

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor

Tony Legando

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor

Fables for Young Leaders, The First Step

Tony’s newest book has just been released!

If you’ve ever watched a child’s eyes light up when they delve into a world of harp-playing butterflies, broken-hearted seagulls, and brave little hamsters, you’ll understand why I chose this genre to write Fables for Young Leaders, the First Step.

Realizing the few materials available to teach leadership didn’t always captivate their curious minds, I gathered 30 stories I used over the years to motivate, inspire, and develop leaders and turned them into the perfect resource to begin their leadership journey.

My suggestion: Be a part of that journey. Read these fables to a child, read them with a child, or let them read them on their own. In doing so, you’ll help them discover the leadership lessons offered by painted turtles, honest crickets, and hard-working roosters. Does it get any better than that?

To Lead a Good Life

To Lead a Good Life, Tony Legando’s debut book, is a self-help book, featuring a personal collection of sixty-two motivational stories, inspirational essays, and lessons on effective leadership. From cover to cover, it offers unique examples of people with a little moxie, finding their strength, courage, and passion.

They are empowering stories of resilience, positive thinking, and overcoming life’s challenges. Each story is designed to open the heart, strengthen the mind, and rekindle the spirit. In the end, this book is a tangible source of joy and comfort, encouraging its readers to strive, to thrive, to flourish, and To Lead a Good Life.

Reviews of To Lead a Good Life

“I will be forever indebted to Coach Legando for the lessons I learned from him first hand as will be the literally thousands of students and athletes who have had the privilege of being in his charge. Through the reading of To Lead a Good Life, that opportunity is now available to everyone. Regardless of one’s age, I promise you there is a story from Coach Legando’s vast store that will make your journey through life more purposeful and, perhaps even more importantly, of value to others.

-Ty Roth, Random House Author (read the full review/blog post here)

“Having the distinct pleasure of knowing Tony Legando as a coach and mentor for much of my life, his captivating nature and ability to motivate are unmatched. The life lessons learned from him in leadership, hard work, discipline and facing adversity are with me as a foundation in my own family and career. With To Lead a Good Life, Coach captured the spirit he brings with meaningful messages and lessons in written form. Highly recommended for those wanting to go deeper in their personal growth and development.”

-Stephen West, Vice President, AB Bernstein

“It might sound simple, but just imagine a room of people being inspired to do things the right way. Being driven to make tough choices, not easy ones. Tony Legando always has had the power to do that through his speeches. Now he takes that ability and puts it in this book. Do someone a favor–get a copy of this book, and give it to them, especially if he or she is going through a tough time. It may be just that extra motivation he or she needs.”

-Allen Tittle, Founding Partner, Tittle & Perlmuter Law Firm, former Huron Tiger Football Player.  

“I have had the pleasure of being around Tony Legando since my days as a young child, being able to see and personally experience the impact of these life lessons and captivating stories throughout his book To Lead a Good LifeThis book gives everyone who did not have the opportunity of being taught or coached by Tony, the opportunity to divulge and be touched by his wisdom and astute mind. It will have a profound impact on the direction of your mindset and life.”

-Cody Thompson, NFL Wide Receiver, Seattle Seahawks

“Your book was a HIT! They were all blown away that you would take the time to personalize it for each of them.”Natalie Williamson, Coordinator, Wayne UNC Health Care

“Incredibly insightful, inspirational, and impactful! Tony’s words reflect a lifetime of leadership, character, and grit. His significant legacy will live on through these stories, in addition to the endless amount of lives he has touched along the way—all enabling him to share his seasoned wisdom with us!”

-Megan Casselberry, Advancement Director, Teen Leadership Corps


Tony was a guest on the "That's a Hard No" podcast in May 2021.

About Tony

After a storied 35 years as an award-winning football coach, an elementary school teacher, a mentor and program builder, Tony Legando is taking his passion to motivate, facilitate and impact other organizations on the road.

Tony facilitates a leadership class at BGSU Firelands, entitled Impact Leadership 101. Each year the program is offered to over 70 area junior high and high school students selected by their administrators. 

Tony also writes a weekly column for The Sandusky Register.

Classroom, athletic field and boardroom, the inspirational message applies to all!

Hire Tony to speak to your group or organization

Tony uses his powerful storytelling style powered by the “hard work and can-do creed” to share real challenges, triumphs and successes. 

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It would be his pleasure to deliver inspiration and motivation tailored to your group. Call Tony at 419.357.2529 to book your event.

The Buzz About Tony

“Tony Legando has instilled principles and values that have carried me throughout my life; each time I hear him speak, I am captivated by his passion.”

J. Orzech

Police Chief, City of Sandusky, Ohio

“What has affected me is his ability to engage, inform and motivate.”

Jim Fisher

Director of Player Personnel, University of Oregon

“There is something about the way he inspires others to lead and do the right thing that business leaders and owners could benefit from hearing.”

S. West

Former Player, VP Wealth Management